On this page, you'll find instructions and the codes for including the various types of newsletter advertisements. Please, if you find errors, need clarification or think that something is missing, contact Charley Bodkin.


Sponsorship scheduling is done through the Nexter System. Please contact Chase Garetto or go to useraccess.tribune.com (and click on Aveksa RSA UAR) for access. Patrick Duprey also maintains a calendar of sponsorships on TeamUp.

Conflicts of interest can occur when the contents of a newsletter are related in some form to the sponsor's company, product or industry. Guidelines cannot cover every conceivable conflict of interest between advertorial and editorial content. When in doubt, it's safer to hold the sponsorship and send a note to the account manager and relevant newsletter team members to inform them and figure out when it can run next.

Sponsor logos are optionally available for advertisers and are placed at the top underneath the newsletter's header. To include a logo when creating a campaign, create a text widget and then create an image widget below. In the text widget write “Presented by*” and in the image widget, upload the logo image as a PNG, GIF, or JPG. The image should not exceed 310px in width or 90px in height. Be sure to also include the disclaimer at the end of the newsletter when using a sponsor's logo.

Sponsorship “blurbs” are optionally available for advertisers. These should be placed in the spot of the cube ad, which goes after the first section or after the 4th paragraph, whichever makes the most sense. Be sure to also include the disclaimer at the end of the newsletter when using the blurb.

Sponsored Content by [SPONSOR NAME]*
[SPONSOR'S MESSAGE] Read more here.


Above the footer of the newsletter, include this disclaimer:

<p>* This advertiser has no control over editorial decisions or content.</p>


Ad codes should be placed uniformly across newsletters and campaigns.

Cube ad 1

The first cube ad is used for outside advertisers, including sponsors. Include after first section of a newsletter or after the 4th paragraph if the newsletter is not sectioned. When a sponsorship blurb is running, move the cube above the last section or 2nd to the last paragraph.

Cube ad 2

The second cube ad is used for house advertisers. Include before the last paragraph of a newsletter or above the footer copy on shorter newsletters. Please do not stack cube ads.

Safe RTB codes

Safe RTB codes ensure that ads that might have a conflict of interest don't run. Please place after the footer copy.


Please do not include the Ensighten pixel anymore.


Each newsletter has its own unique ad codes.

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